What's Unfair About Bear Baiting is How Initiative Will Reach Ballot

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / July 20, 2003


I sincerely appreciated Craig Medred's article on bear baiting. ("Baiting is traditional form of bear hunting," July 6) I too do not bait bears, but I agree we need the technique as a tool for bear management.

I know many people consider bear baiting unfair, but what is unfair is the process that will be used to get bear baiting on the ballot.

Alaska's initiative process is extremely unfair to rural Alaskans. It should be called the Anchorage initiative process, because Anchorage people decide the outcome on most initiatives.

Alaska should use a process like Nevada uses, where the initiative to be placed on the ballot must have a large part of the state approve the initiative. Without this process, Las Vegas would have all the water allocation in the state at the expense of small ranchers and farmers.

Alaska's Legislature could design a process that required a certain number or percentage of signatures from each borough before an initiative is placed on the ballot and before it is passed.

We all like to believe we are interested in fairness; would we approve of an initiative process that would include some approval by the rest of Alaska?

-- William Martin / Eagle River

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