Alaska and its Wildlife are Beautiful; Please Keep Wolves for our Next Visit

Anchorage Daily News / Letters to the Editor / August 3, 2003


My husband and I were recent tourists to your beautiful state. We toured with a charter cruise company and took a back-country charter plane to see more. We bought the usual gifts to bring back home and took many pictures to encourage friends to visit. We spent approximately $10,000 during our 10 days and plan to order occasional shipments of fresh seafood. We saw bears, whales, eagles, sea lions and more. We failed, however, to see any wolves during our visit.

We have planned for another visit, this time spending more inland time so we can see wolves. We will not do this future visit if your state continues with its intentions to shoot wolves. We have no desire to visit a state that prefers trophy hunters and sharpshooters of an animal that is extinct in many lower states over camera shooters. I believe that if you can't eat it, why hunt it?

I hope that your lodges, restaurants, rental agencies and village store owners will prefer my husband and me and our friends as your state's future tourists rather than someone who just wants to fly in to shoot your wolves for a trophy hunt.

Let your governor know who you prefer.

-- Debra Taylor / Denver

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