Let's Be Honest; Predator Control
Headline is Misleading to Readers

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 6, 2003

Why do Daily News editors and copywriters insist on calling predator control hunting as in the headline "Aerial wolf hunt close to approval" (Nov. 3)? The article's writer knows the difference between hunting and predator control and clearly points out in the article that "hunting from airplanes was made illegal in 1972." The writer never mentions hunting in the article. But then comes the biased or uninformed headline writer and calls it hunting, thus leaving the impression to those who only read the headline that the article is about hunting wolves from airplanes.

At the least the headline writer and the editor who allowed the headline have prejudiced the reader before the reader gets the true facts presented in the article. The Daily News is constantly guilty of headline editorializing. Doing so causes the reading public to suspect the veracity of the paper's honest reporters and news articles.

I would think the reporters themselves would demand honesty in the headline when they have been careful to report the news accurately as did Joel Gay in the predator control piece.

Editors and headline writers should be as honest as the reporter.

-- Evan Swensen / Anchorage

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