Remember Human Factors Involved
in Predator Control, Timber Harvests

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 7, 2003

After following the wildfire news in the Lower 48 for the past week or so, I wonder if it has made any impact on our "tree lovers" here in Alaska. If we don't do something about thinning out the old-growth, we may see the same thing here.

I also wonder if our "wolf lovers" have given any consideration to the fact that there is a human factor involved in game management, and because of this human factor, we must make adjustments. One of these adjustments has to be to balance the predator/prey populations. If we reduce the number of wolves in an area and allow the prey populations to increase, we can eventually allow the wolf populations to increase also. Game management is based on a balance of the predator and prey.

We should take a lesson from the wildfires in the Lower 48 and allow the resource managers to do their job and provide for more and better resources for all of us. We in the Interior depend on these natural resources to live. Give us a chance to show how to protect all the renewable resources while harvesting what we need.

Moose is better on the table than in a wolf's stomach, and lumber is a better use for trees than burning.

-- William Miller / Dot Lake

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