State Relocates Bears, Then Decides to Kill Wolves
So We Can Kill Moose

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 7, 2003

Regarding your article "Game Board OKs aerial wolf hunts" (Nov. 5), I am initially confused with the desired results of the "hunt." First we relocate the brown and black bears, we slaughter the wolves from the air, all of this to shoot what's left, the moose. I think the Game Board missed the mark just a tad. If all we want is dead moose to feed the hungry, why not save a buck on av-gas and invite the pilots of McGrath to come hunt moose from the air here in Anchorage?

Of course at some point we're also going to have to change some aviation terms. That long-favored aerial maneuver, the moose hunters' stall, will need to be changed to the wolf hunters' stall. We will lose a few pilots, but what's a few lives when we're managing game?

One final suggestion. Let's relocate the Game Board -- deep inside ANWR would be good. They could look for oil while they ponder their next "management" decision.

-- Larry Whiting / Anchorage

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