Gov. Murkowski's Decision to Go Over Heads of Voters is Appalling

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 8, 2003

We were appalled that your governor, the infamous Frank Murkowski, had gone over the voters' heads after votes in 1996, and 2000 stated clearly the people of Alaska did not want wolves murdered by cowards in aircraft.

Hunters have attempted to destroy predators in the past so that they could lay claim to the remaining spoils. What you end up getting are sickly herds of animals that do not respond to their normal instincts. You may as well go out in the field and shoot "Ol' Bessy."

What has happened in Alaska, with the reintroduction of wolf murder by aircraft, is a heinous act of man against nature. My wife and I would never consider subsidizing tourist dollars in a state that would allow such atrocities.

My solution would be to recall Murkowski and his friends. He has outlived his leadership potential. His humanly abusive tactics have spilled over into his treatment of wildlife.

Whatever Alaskans decide, you won't see my wife and me, and many others like us, aiding and abetting the Murkowski bullies by spending money in the state of Alaska until you have solved this problem.
-- Larry Orzechowski / Phoenix AZ

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