Predator Control a Must for Wildlife Viewing; not all Tourists Love Wolves

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 9, 2003

Since the wife and I were in Alaska from May 31 until Aug. 16, put 5,400 miles on the truck and spent about $10,000 pumping up your economy -- I think we would be classed as tourists.

Alaska is a beautiful, scenic state, but we sure were disappointed with the amount of wildlife we saw in the 78 days we were here.

We were up the Dalton 100 miles -- saw one moose; on Chena Road three times we saw one moose; back the Peterville Road three times -- saw nothing; out the Swanson River road -- saw zip. We saw more moose going down the Alaska Highway between Border Crossing and Kluane Wilderness Village in one day than we saw in 78 days in Alaska.

One of the most frequent questions we get is about how much game we saw and photographed. Well, we're recommending people go to the Yukon, Alberta or British Columbia if they want to see game.

If you Alaskans don't get rid of some of your predators, you're going to have to go south to see some game yourself! A lot of tourists are not wolf-lovers!
The Alaska Board of Game is to be commended for making the right decision, despite the antics of the crazies!

-- Ron Carey / Latrobe, Pa.

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