Recreational Trapping Cruel,
Has No Place in 21st Century

Kenai Peninsula Clarion / November 12, 2003

Joseph Robertia and the officials from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game give inappropriate praise to recreational trapping ("Trapping part of peninsula ecosystem," Nov 7). Despite their claims, many biologists agree that recreational trapping is not a responsible form of wildlife management and does not ensure stable, healthy wildlife populations.

In addition, recreational trapping has never been shown to suppress rabies and other diseases. Neither the World Health Organization nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention support recreational trapping as a form of disease control.

As for "nuisance" wildlife control, nonlethal humane solutions to wildlife conflicts, such as animal-proof trash containers, are readily available and more effective than trapping.

Furthermore, steel-jawed leghold traps have been declared inhumane by the American Veteri-nary Medical Association. Animals caught in these suffer excruciating pain on impact and may struggle in distress for days until the trapper arrives.

Recreational trapping is cruel, indiscriminate, inefficient and does not belong in the 21st century.

Andrea Cimino, Campaign manager, Wildlife Section, The Humane Society of the United States


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