Vacation in Alaska?
Not After Hearing About Predator Control

Letters from the People / Anchorage Daily News / February 17, 2003


Why should I, as an independent traveler, want to come to a state that is massacring wolves? What is the purpose of predator control? Why isn't there better hunter control so that the game resources are not over-harvested and depleted?

Alaska funded large-scale predator control. This helicopter blasting, this aerial wolf-killing, is going to destroy hundreds of wolves. It sounds to me as though the Board of Game your Gov. Murkowski has put together is nothing more than a bunch of biased, single-minded, wolf-hungry hunters.

I was just shocked to learn this information while researching and making arrangements for my summer vacation. On my list of "must see's" there are bears, caribou and wolves. From what I've learned, it sounds as though I should just save my money and go to the zoo instead!

Why would a state with world-renowned pristine beauty, abundance of wildlife and intact ecosystems revert back to the dark ages of the 1940s and '50s, when widespread wolf control occurred through poisoning, bounties and aerial shooting by federal agents?

-- Patrick C. Brown / Miami, Fla.

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