Don't Respect Alaskans' Decisions?
Maybe a Trip North isn't for You

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 14, 2003

Alaska epitomizes what that American spirit is all about. I don't care much for whale meat. Some people eat it. It's their right. Some folks want to fly-fish, while others want to use a fish wheel. Who am I to decide which is more ethical? When groups like Wildlife Alliance or PETA try to push their ideals off on people, it offends me.

When the state's own biologists say that there is enough of a certain species, in this case wolves, to have a harvest of them, who are the environmentalists to say what's ethical in how they're harvested? A hunter could use a bow or a snare or shoot them from an airplane. I can assure you that none are as easy as you might think, but quite frankly, it's none of your business.

I applaud the Board of Game for its courageous stance. I find it refreshing to see a board that isn't intimidated by people who would push their sensibilities off on others.

You know what I think of the threatened tourism boycott? I say if you find people with beards and fur hats offensive or don't approve of a people with myriad lifestyles, then maybe a trip to the Last Frontier isn't for you.

-- Casey Mapes / Yakutat AK


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