Want a Massacre?
Check out our Killing of Salmon, not Wolves

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / February 21, 2003


In response to Patrick Brown regarding wolf control ("Vacation in Alaska? Not after hearing about predator control," February 17), his opinions about wolves relate more to their metaphorical relationship with us than the reality of life in the wild and, in particular, Alaska.

But he is right on one point. If all he wants to see are bears, wolves and caribou, it would be far cheaper to go to the zoo. In reality, his chances of actually seeing a wolf in the wild are pretty slim. The "intact eco-systems" he refers to exist in large part because of the careful management of the Board of Game appointees and their overworked field officers, not in spite of them.

I take umbrage at his use of the emotive term "massacre." If killing a few dozen wolves to preserve an eco-system constitutes a massacre in his eyes, God help us when he finds out about how many salmon we massacre each season. His first question was why should he, an independent traveler, come to Alaska. I would say, hey, don't bother. Save your money; go to the zoo. Also, if you have any friends that think as you do, take them to Disney World where you can see wolves in a context that you will be more familiar with.

- Les Tubman / Anchorage

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