Hunters Donating Meat to Food Bank
Suggests Wolves aren't the Problem

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 16, 2003

The majority of Alaskans have difficulty understanding the reasoning behind the recent Game Board decision restoring aerial wolf hunting. Alaskans twice voted the program down.

I found it curious that just prior to the start of this year's hunting season, the Food Bank of Alaska repeatedly aired radio spots publicizing its wildly successful food distribution program, "Alaskan Hunters Fighting Hunger." This program was started to utilize game meat that "hunters" weren't planning on consuming. While it is nothing less than admirable that the food bank distributes the meat to those less fortunate, it begs the question: Why would hunters donating meat have the desire to kill the animal in the first place, knowing full well they have no intention of consuming it?

Quotes from the food bank home page include, "Hunters provide us with thousands of pounds of donated meat each year." Another states, "Hunters bring in tons of meat each year. It comes in halves, quarters and sometimes already cut up in packages." Tons of meat each year?

The Game Board says it's the wolves killing the moose. Due to the unmitigated success of the AHFH program, I would submit to the Board of Game it should revisit its decision. If the board truly wants to see what is killing all the moose, just look in the mirror.

-- Dan Przywojski / Anchorage


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