Public Not Fooled by Rationalizations
Between Hunting, Culling, Killing

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 16, 2003

I had a chuckle over Evan Swensen's letter "Let's be honest; predator control headline is misleading to readers" (Nov. 6) protesting use of the word "hunt" in a headline concerning the newly authorized wolf cull. We're to believe, I suppose, that the wolves will turn themselves in, making it unnecessary for the gunmen in Super Cubs to hunt for them.

Surely what he meant is that the "predator control" event isn't a sport hunt, though I can scarcely imagine what motivates those magnificent men in their flying machines other than sport.

If Mr. Swensen thinks the good name of sport hunting isn't besmirched if the word "hunt" is omitted from the headlines, he's in for a surprise. The public isn't fooled by the rationalizations tossed around to defend this sorry attempt to ease the travails of a few hunters. We recognize it as a step in a larger effort to turn Alaska into a game farm, an effort that we've soundly rejected twice at the polls.

One of the few remaining characteristics distinguishing Alaska from the rest of the country is our mostly natural landscape supporting mostly natural wildlife populations.

The current Board of Game's wolf measure is an embarrassment to Alaska and will come back to bite us in terms of lost visitor revenues and credibility in conservation issues. No headline censorship will change that.

-- Terry Johnson / Homer


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