Money from Hunting Licenses
Goes Toward Vital Wildlife Research

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 17, 2003

Since she is the president of Friends of Animals, you would think that Priscilla Feral would know that hunters have done more for increasing wildlife herds than any other group ("Friends of Animals will send tourists packing if aerial wolf hunt occurs," Nov. 14). The tax that hunters pay on hunting supplies, licenses, etc., pays for research.

It has been proven that wolf control increases all populations of game and gives wildlife viewers something to watch. All that groups like Friends of Animals do is try to brainwash the public with one-sided ads and tie up our researchers in court.

If Priscilla Feral wants to have wildlife to view, she should work with the biologists, the Game Board and others; she will be surprised what they can do in a few years if she gives them a chance.

-- Doug Frederick / Slana


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