Money Spent by Hunters in Alaska
Stays Right Here Instead of Outside

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 17, 2003

So Friends of Animals is threatening a tourism boycott of Alaska because of the wolf-control policy ("Friends of Animals will send tourists packing if aerial wolf hunt occurs," Nov. 14). I say good, more power to them. I couldn't care less if a bunch of tree-huggers decide to go somewhere else with their money. I am sick and tired of Outsiders telling us how to live our lives and manage our game.

I say bring on the out-of-state hunters as a replacement. There is no doubt in my mind that one out-of-state hunter spends more money in this state than many of these "wildlife watchers" combined. Those who would boycott Alaska live Outside, buy their hiking, camping and camera gear Outside, buy their airfare Outside and then wander through the woods and give bears indigestion. At least the out-of-state hunters pay license and tag fees, pay for guides, pay for air services, pay for packing and shipping of their game.

If the Friends of Animals want to stay home, stay home, I don't care. You'll just deprive yourself of seeing the immense scope and diversity of Alaska wildlife. The wolves in question are but a microscopic part of this state when taken as a whole.

-- Matt Bloodgood / Eagle River


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