Hunting Foes Won't Admit it:
Plenty of Alaska's Wilderness is Protected

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 18, 2003

Now that Fish and Game finally has a governor in place who will uphold its decisions in game management, we predictably see the same old responses from people whose agenda is essentially anti-hunting or game management. They threaten boycotts that never had any real effect last time and espouse how hunters (whose license fees pay for successful fish and game management for all) are the real threat to Alaska's wildlife.

Much like those who proclaim spruce beetle kill to be more of a fire threat than properly managed forests or who show pictures of ANWR with snow-covered mountains as threatened by oil development, their tactics are the same -- distort the facts and dupe those less informed into supporting their cause financially and emotionally.

If they were honest, they would acknowledge that there are plenty of dedicated areas where game management or harvest is not allowed and long peaks and valleys are the norm for wildlife populations, and they would leave the very small areas that the consumptive users rely on to proven maximum sustained yield management. We have as much right as any wolf to eat moose meat!

Finally, to print the letter from Linda Wilson advocating murdering hunters ("Wolves maintain moose numbers; let's shoot hunters, not wolves," Nov. 9) is irresponsible and only further illustrates the emotional instability of these people.

-- Brian Wakefield / Anchorage


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