Don't Gripe about Alaska's Wildlife Management; Florida's is Far Worse

Anchorage Daily News / Letters to the Editor / February 22, 2003


Thanks to Patrick C. Brown for joining the list of outspoken non-Alaskans who know more about Alaska game management than we do. ("Vacation in Alaska? Not after hearing about predator control," Feb. 17) Since you live in Miami, I'm sure you have become quite the authority on predator control.

Having visited Miami, I noticed a great number of tourist-consuming predators down there in your well-managed city. What great ideas you must have contributed in order to resolve this overpopulation of animals!

And since you feel the need to enlighten us, please allow me to share my opinion. Miami is a city where bulletproof vests should be issued on arrival, English is a second language and driver's licenses should be revoked from anyone over the age of 90. This is not my entire list, but I think you get the point. Unless you have done research in Alaska, we really don't need your opinion.

Should you choose not to visit Alaska because of our game management practices, the only loser will be you. Trust me, you won't be missed! But should you choose to come up anyway, would you please bring a picture of a manatee with you? With Florida's wildlife managers doing so well there, I fear that Alaskans will never get the opportunity to see one in its natural environment.

-- Jerry Quinn / Anchorage, AK

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