Snowmachines, not Wolves,
Present Real Problems for Su Valley Moose

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 19, 2003

I have watched the declining moose population in the Susitna Valley over the years and doubt it is the wolf that is the root cause of the problem.

One need only fly the valley on any winter day and see the uncontrolled abuse by snowmachines. In places, there is literally no acre left uncrossed by them. Moose are harassed continuously from the first snows of early winter until spring, having no place to escape. I've seen them herded in the unlikeliest of places, trying to seek shelter on the rocky moraines of glaciers with little or no food available. Snowmachiners do not have a record of being caretakers of the environment, and I feel if anything must be controlled it should not be the wolf but these metal monsters.

It is interesting to fly over the divide of the Alaska Range in winter and go from the almost sterile environment of the Susitna Valley to the interior of the protected Denali parklands. There one sees an abundant mix of wildlife, including a healthy population of wolves. What you don't see are snowmachines or hunters.

Our governor has totally disregarded the will of the people. He must put controls on the two-legged predators and not the wolf.

-- Tom Klein / Talketna


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