Let 'em Boycott

Juneau Empire / Letters to the Editor / February 23, 2003


Thank God the carpetbagger from Oklahoma is gone and we now have a governor who respects the traditional Alaska lifestyle. There is finally going to be game management-wolf control. I hope he gets rid of the anti-hunting greenie biologists, too.

So now the environmentalist animal rights whackos are calling for a tourism boycott. I'm all for the boycott. The kind of people who would join in on such a boycott aren't the type of folks we want visiting Alaska anyway. They are elitists who look at traditional Alaskans as barbarians. They sit down to their plate of hormone - and antibiotic - laced beef and think we are wrong to want to have a good meal of moose or caribou.

Let them boycott. When they visit, they only return to the states and try to undermine our lifestyle.

Bo Fay / Eagle, AK

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