Alaska's Wildlife Shouldn't be Managed
by Blackmail and Threats

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 21, 2003

After reading "Friends of Animals will send tourists packing if aerial wolf hunt occurs" (Nov. 14), I have to respond to what I consider blackmail. How are game management decisions going to be made in this state? Should Fish and Game make the decisions? Or will our resources be managed by those who blackmail and threaten us the most?

Aerial predator control has been taking place in many states in the Lower 48 for years. However, many people would have you believe it is just an Alaska issue. Since 1987, 150 wolves have been shot in the Lower 48. Coyote control is achieved in the same manner. This past year alone in Utah, two wolves and hundreds of coyotes were shot from the air. Whether you agree or disagree with this policy, I would hope you are against blackmail.

We must tell people who use threats and intimidation that these are unacceptable practices and Alaskans will not stand for it. Those using these practices are showing us just how willing they are to hurt hundreds of Alaskans just to achieve their goals.

-- Virgle Davis / Anchorage


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