Alaska is Big Enough for Moose,
Snowmachiners to Live Together

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 21, 2003

Tom Klein would like you to believe that snowmachiners, not wolves, are the reason for the decline in the moose population ("Snowmachines, not wolves, present real problems for Su Valley moose," Nov. 19). That is just silly.

As an Alaska snowmachiner, I'm already blamed for being an irresponsible litterer, ruining the environment. I won't tolerate being blamed for a dwindling moose population. Please start picking on some other group. We are tired of it.

If it's noise you think drives them away, I'd ask you to consider why the zooming cars on the highway don't seem to bother the almost constant roadside moose?

I would assume that the state has done studies on the subject. I'd also bet that it found wolves to be the cause of the problem. Otherwise I don't think we would have spent so many years debating how to handle the wolf population.

Mr. Klein shouldn't blame this on us too. We are already allegedly responsible for noise pollution and harm to the environment. I would hate to think that while on a family weekend outing I am not also the cause of a moose population problem.

I think that this is a big state that we live in and I am sure that there is room for all of us (moose included) to live happily.

-- Jill Casey / Eagle River


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