Lowlife Who Shot Turnagain Arm Dall Ram Must Be Caught, Punished

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / November 22, 2003

Once again the lowest of lives has proven to exist in Southcentral Alaska. The shooting of the Dall sheep in Turnagain is proof that even here in the great state of Alaska low lives continue to live ("Popular Turnagain Arm Dall sheep killed in 'offensive' shooting," Nov. 20).

I was born in Anchorage, grew up in Rabbit Creek and can vividly remember the family outings along Turnagain and our excitement upon seeing those most magnificent of animals dotting the mountainside, trotting nimbly where man scarcely ventures. I hope and pray law enforcement catches this person or persons, and when they do, I hope the book, the bookshelf, and maybe even a filing cabinet are thrown at them. I cannot express the level of disappointment I feel right now concerning this tragic incident.

Maybe you're asking why someone should care so much. It's simple: To care so much separates us as a unique people and place from the rest of the states and the world.

I also feel sorry for the person who has done this. They should go back to wherever they came from. If they're from Alaska, they need to turn themselves in and save what little dignity they can. That is what a true Alaskan would do.
-- Glenn Hart / Glennallen


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