Non-hunters Shouldn't Be on Board of Game;
Aerial Hunting is Valid

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 1, 2003

In Paul Joslin's Compass "Aerial wolf hunt disgraces Alaska" (Nov. 25), he states that Gov. Murkowski "stacked the Board of Game with anti-predator extremists." I disagree. The governor's appointees to the Board of Game are pro-hunting, not anti-predator/wolf. Additionally, I voted for Frank Murkowski exclusively because I knew he would appoint people who belong on the Board of Game. Hunters and trappers, not wildlife viewers and photographers, should manage Alaska's game resources. Wildlife enthusiasts don't have seasons or bag limits, and they don't belong on the board.

The board isn't playing politics. Allowing aerial hunting (or any hunting, for that matter) is unpopular with anti-hunting/pro-wolf zealots. However, it is a legitimate and necessary approach to increase prey populations. Predator control is inevitable whether the animal-left likes it or not. Alaskans need this measure. The decision to hunt wolves from the air supports the subsistence, trophy and "sport" hunting lifestyle.

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