Praise for Wolf Ruling

Letters to the Editor / Juneau Empire / December 1, 2003

We applaud Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason's decision temporarily halting aerial wolf killing until its necessity and legality are evaluated fairly and without prejudice in a court of law. Judge Gleason apparently has the common sense and understanding of laws that Gov. Frank Murkowski and the Board of Game do not. Thankfully, Judge Gleason is willing to hear the voice of the people, another trait that is sadly absent within Alaskan government.

Moral and ethical considerations aside when evaluating the crux of the matter - why McGrath area residents don't have enough moose to eat and whether wolves should be aerially eliminated as a result - two facts leap clearly into view. One, moose populations are stable - and higher - where there are wolves but no human hunters. Two, McGrath-area residents should take a clue from the wolves they misunderstand but hate so badly - intelligent predators migrate when there is lack of food.

We support wholeheartedly Friends of Animals' call for a tourism boycott if aerial wolf hunting is allowed to proceed. We are cognizant of not only our views as a wolf education and information center, but also of the opinions of others - twice proven in statewide ballots across Alaska and now clearly being stated in numerous ongoing petitions worldwide, including our own.

Vivian Singer-Ferris

Executive Director

Kerwood Wolf Education Centre Inc.

Ontario, Canada


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