Down with Wolves!

Letters / Alaska Magazine / March 2003

Should we save wolves?
Hell, no, I go to Alaska to see bears, caribou and moose,

not cowardly wolves. Wolves to me are the North America hyena. They kill in packs and take down small, young, helpless animals.

Here in Gatlinburg, Tenn., area, those dumb environmentalists have introduced breeding pairs of wolves from Canada. The farmers are mad as hell. Tax payers are not allowed to kill them, but we do have to compensate farmers for farm animals killed by wolves.

So, wolves can eat lamb and beef steaks, but we can't afford them.

The environmentalists also brought 200 male and female rattlers here. Since when do we have to protect these rattlers?

So, forget the environmentalists in the Lower 48. They probably live in a seventh-floor condo and will never see a wolf or rattler in their back yard.

- Mrs. M. Markert / Pikinille, Tenn.

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