Whitehorse Plans Snares after Wolves Nab Pet Dogs

Associated Press / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / December 4, 2003


Municipal and territorial officials plan to set wolf snare after determining that a wolf or a pack of wolves killed dogs in three Whitehorse subdivisions.

A wolf or wolves has eaten pets in the Wolf Creek, Mary Lake and Cowley Creek subdivisions south of the city center, said Dennis Senger of the Department of Environment.

"We now have reports of seven or eight dogs that have been killed in the area this winter," Senger told the Whitehorse Star. "And other dogs have gone missing and owners have simply not reported them.

"We believe the pack may be the same pack that killed three dogs in the Wolf Creek subdivision last year."

Senger said department staff will work with city staff to place a network of snares throughout the rural subdivisions.

Warning signs will be placed along public trails and other areas where snares are set. Pet owners are being asked to keep their animals inside or to supervise them while they are outside.

Wildlife officers believe a dog killed a couple of weeks ago, originally thought to have been fatally wounded by a pig, was probably killed by a wolf, Senger said.


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