Yes, We Need Aerial Dog Control in Anchorage

Anonymous / December  6, 2003

Kevin Saxby (the state's attorney in the McGrath wolf control case) is a genius!!  He argued in court that controlling wolves at McGrath is no different than controlling stray dogs in Anchorage! Think about it--Your neighbor lets his dog out in his yard and it goes into your yard.  A Supercub circles overhead and the gunner shoots the dog dead with a 12 gauge load of buckshot. YES--WE NEED AERIAL DOG CONTROL IN ANCHORAGE.  I'm sick and tired of stray dogs on my property.  Once every 10 years a stray dog kills a moose.  We need to stop this senseless slaughter of moose by dogs!  The Anchorage Assembly must pass an ordinance to allow aerial shooting of stray dogs.  There are frustated pilot wolf hunters who would do the shooting at no charge!  The Municipality could save huge sums of money by firing all the dogcatchers and closing the crematorium.  The objective would be to remove ALL stray dogs from an "Experimental Micro-management Area" (the city limits would define the boundaries) for the next five years. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (experts at censusing animal populations) could first do a stray dog census.  If it was as accurate as the moose censuses at McGrath, we would know the exact number of stray dogs plus or minus 100,000.  Yes, dog lover whackos everywhere would sue to cancel the permits issued to pilots.  But, we could get Saxby to argue in court that the program is based on the best available scientific data, that the meetings were properly noticed, that a small minority of people who want this really are a huge majority, and that if we stop it now stray dogs will over-run the city and kill off all the moose (and probably all the little children). If that fails, we could get Ralph Seekins to change the law prohibiting shooting of dogs. 


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