Board of Game's Management Problems Begin with its Name

Letters from the People / Anchorage Daily News / February 25, 2003


Part of the problem is probably in the name Board of Game. Instead, shouldn't we have a Board of Wildlife? According to the dictionary, game means wild animals hunted for food, or taken for sport or profit. It would seem reasonable that the people on a Board of Game would want to use animals in this manner. And indeed, the board is comprised of people exemplifying this mind-set, as does Gov. Murkowski, who is a trophy hunter.

Currently, the Board of Game is considering plans to effect massive predator control in McGrath. Doesn't it make you wonder how Mother Nature managed to create a system that works prior to receiving man's "help"? Even more distasteful than this arrogance is the cruelty with which these "management plans" are carried out, i.e., sometimes shooting wolves from planes or helicopters, running them down and shooting them from snow machines, and bounty hunting.

Our wildlife is being pushed to its limits not by wolves and bears but by humans, specifically hunters inside and Outside, wanting to exploit them beyond the natural level of abundance that a frigid, harsh land is capable of providing.

-- Andrea Veach / Anchorage

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