Tourism Boycott May Open the Way
to Win State Back from Outside

Letters to the Editor/ Anchorage Daily News / December 9, 2003

Of those people who voted for Frank Murkowski, some were willing to suffer his mostly arrogant, self-serving and unrealistic platform on the basis of a single issue: wolf control. Gov. Murkowski promised to strongly support the Board of Game's management decisions, particularly wolf control, to ensure Alaska's management of wildlife would not be dictated by extreme Outside interests and agendas.

Now, unless Murkowski goes back on his word, Priscilla Feral has threatened to organize a national tourism boycott of Alaska.

Does this mean that if Alaska manages its land to benefit both ungulate and predator populations, then Priscilla and a lot of her like-minded pals won't be coming to visit? That we don't need to spend millions promoting the industry that each day makes Alaska more like everyplace south of Ketchikan? That our roads won't be clogged up with motor homes, tour buses and drivers who think that because they are on vacation all of us must be too? That our rivers won't be clogged up with rafters? That our sport-caught salmon won't be exported to Oregon, Colorado or California via motor home? That Alaskans will be able to ride the train or the ferry system, find a camping spot and a place to fish and afford a cheeseburger?

Is that what this means? Whoa, stop! You're breaking our hearts!

-- Mike Cooney / Moose Pass


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