Friends of Animals Needs to Stay Out of Alaska's Business

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 11, 2003

Friends of Animals needs to disassociate themselves from Alaska's affairs. Wolves need food; you're right -- they eat the weak, and that helps to strengthen the gene pool. There won't be a gene pool as long as wolves keep eating the young, which happen to also be weak. Wolves are canines and therefore do not have the brain capacity to determine which moose would be more advantageous to eat. I think a few wolves need to be let loose in the Friends of Animals' neighborhoods so they could snack on their wild game.

When a calf moose is born, it is at its weakest. A calf's mother can take care of a few wolves on her own, but when she's faced by a pack of nine or 20, you have to ask yourselves whose friend you are, really. Friends of Animals are friends of their own precious agenda -- they don't really care about our moose population. So they should stay out of our affairs unless they can offer some positive way to help increase the moose population without lowering the massive numbers of wolves.

-- Kirk Decker / Anchorage

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