Wolf Control a Step in Right Direction

Letter to the Editor / Juneau Empire / December 11, 2003

Congratulations to the state Board of Game for their recent action on wolf control. It's about time we had a board that rules in favor of Alaska residents without bending to the undue influence from the uninitiated and uninformed.

Alaska must take back the management of its fish and game resources, and exercise its sovereign state's rights. Hopefully this governor will not bend to the influences of organized outside whiners. Organizations with alphabet soup names and their hands in the back pockets of the bleeding hearts will jump on this issue as the fund-raising opportunity of the year. Our papers will be saturated with tear-stained letters, and there will be much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. The big companies who have no interest in Alaska except to make money, while tearing up our highways and polluting our waters, will attempt to bring undue influence.

A boycott by tourists will be in name only. Having been in the tourist industry for 16 years, I can tell you for a fact that 99.99 percent of the tourists could not care less about, let alone understand, Alaska's internal problems.

People we will be hearing from in the coming months are the type that, if they do show up in Alaska, they would be wearing a dirty shirt and have a $10 bill - not changing either before leaving.

In Alaska, by statute, we have a Fish and Game Advisory Committee in every community, elected by their peers to ensure grass-roots participation in the regulatory process. We have regional fish and game boards made up of chairpersons from the local advisory committees. We have the Alaska Board of Fish and we have the Alaska Board of Game, who are appointed and then confirmed by the state Legislature. Alaska has a Department of Fish and Game, whose mission is to professionally manage its wildlife resources. We must allow this system to work without politicizing decisions when individuals fail to avail themselves of the process or they attempt to circumvent it.

Again, congratulations to the Alaska Board of Game. You have made a step in the right direction.

Mike Millar / Juneau

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