Wolves are Few and Far Between;
Let's Save Them from State Hunts

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 12, 2003

I have lived in Alaska since 1959, and hiking and climbing the state's valleys and mountains have become a lifelong hobby. I have seen much of the state from the air, with the exception of Southeast. During these 30-plus years, I have only seen three wolves. So I think it of manifest necessity not to hunt wolves from the air or ground and not to trap them, because there are not very many of them. It is well within our human position in the food chain to save a fellow being that is being pushed aside.

Humans take a large share of moose by train kills, road kills, over-hunting and seasons to hunt female moose. Harsh winters also take a toll on moose. Wolves take much less, and they do it only to survive.

I urge everyone interested to write editorials, hire attorneys and launch a rescue blitz against the state's kill-the-wolf policy.

-- Joseph Mortiboy / Moose Pass

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