Discrediting Non-Hunters by Calling their Argument Emotional is Unfair

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 13, 2003


Hunting is an emotional issue. The early rise, preparing of the equipment, clothing, rifle or bow and the anticipation of a successful hunt are invigorating. Entering the game's habitat with the tracking and interpreting of signs brings confidence that only expert knowledge can provide.

The emotional experience reaches a peak when the quarry is sighted. Then slow and careful maneuvering or patient anticipation sets up a clean shot. When the animal is seen to be one that is ideal for harvest, the heart pumps harder and the adrenaline flows.

The satisfaction of a clean kill and the relief that it is over with a good result invoke a sense of pride and satisfaction. Very emotional stuff!

Every part of the outdoor experience is emotionally charged for the hunter as well as for the non-hunting wildlife lover. To try to discredit the non-hunter's efforts of trying to stop aerial wolf killing by calling his or her actions emotional is hypocritical and unfair.

While one appreciates the importance of rational objectivity over emotion as one way of looking at the world, there is also a body of research now showing that emotional intelligence plays an important complementary role in making good decisions.

Maury Mason / Executive Director, Alaska Wildlife Alliance / Anchorage

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