Animal Rights Extremists are off Track; Let Biologists Manage Game

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 13, 2003


I agree with Mr. Budzynski ("If you lived in Bush, you'd know that wolves kill moose and waste meat," Dec. 10) regarding the wolf/moose controversy.

I grew up in northern Minnesota where we had moose, deer, black bear, wolves and many other critters in our back yard. Many times our family witnessed moose and deer kills by wolf packs, and many of these kills were never eaten by the wolves. It is their nature to hunt and kill whether they are hungry or not.

If the wolves around McGrath are allowed to decimate the moose population, then there will be no future herds to feed them or humans, and the wolves will become sick and die. The game biologists have studied for many years to learn about all of the different species of animals that they manage. I know the animal rights extremists mean well, but they do not know the particulars of the species and are basing their actions on hearsay and rumors. They don't even realize that, by interfering, they are doing the animals more harm than good. Let the biologists do the job that they are trained and certified to do.

-- Jan Foldenauer / Wasilla

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