If We Leave it to Gov. Murkowski, Alaska Will Be Just Like California

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 13, 2003


All kneel to Gov. Murkowski's great "sell Alaska" decision. By negating the power of Fish and Game, he and his corporate interests have the open road to "make us money" by selling our  natural resources.

Similar to Stevens' cutting out the Forest Service in decisions on logging, Murkowski has found the excuse and the way to provide his interests the go-ahead for roads and infrastructure they have been waiting for. Now they can afford to remove our treasures without worrying about. the cost of transporting them: Hello roads, railways, bridges and dams.

Hail the governor; He will make us money (and the corporations billions) with his fast-track plans. Hope the rural folks are paying attention. McGrath won't have to worry about wolves once a road comes from Anchorage. Hail the dollar bill and forget the wildlife, the scenic rivers, the glory of Alaska.

If you want to make money, move to California; They have done everything to their state Murkowski is trying to do to ours. Please, keep it slow and with much forethought.
Come back, Fish and Game, to protect our flora and fauna! We can help you fight!

-- Shawn Roberts / Soldotna

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