Elegant Solution: Dart McGrath Wolves,
Let Them Hunt Chirikof Cattle

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 14, 2003


With tons of beef not wanted on Chirikof Island, millions of moose not wanted by insurance companies here in Anchorage and 70 wolves not wanted in Game Management Unit 19D, I have the best possible solution.

First, dart all the wolves you can and send them to Chirikof Island; this will save the wolves that are so dearly loved by all our "Friends of Animals" in the Lower 48 and stave off the boycott.

Then the wolves will take care of the cattle on the island that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife don't want. Once that is done, then we can, as a Daily News Alaska Notebook summarized, transfer all our moose here in Anchorage to the "highly" depressed area of McGrath ("Moose lift," Dec. 12).

Voila! Everyone is satisfied (except, of course, bloodthirsty wolf killers). U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Friends of Animals and McGrath residents all will have plenty to cheer, as not one animal will have to suffer -- except of course the poor cattle that some don't want to see leave our beautiful state.

-- Marvin Parent / Anchorage

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