Wolves are Not the Enemy,
But Texas-Style Ranch Hunting Is

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 15, 2003

The governor's spokesman, John Manly, stated that Alaska's livestock (Texas term for moose, caribou, etc.) are being left undefended and it is the right of the state to implement an aerial assault against the wolf ("Activist issues boycott warnings," Dec. 5).

The wolf is without sin, he has the nature that God intended, he is not the culprit in this play. How did the wolf become such an enemy of the public and of so much focus by the state? Could it be that those who are bringing Texas-style ranch hunting to Alaska and the big money that comes with it are the real backers of this kind of activity?

Those indigenous peoples of the McGrath area would do well to remember their relationship with the wolf over millennia as compared to their relationship of a few years with those groups who front for ranch hunting in Alaska. How as a people can we shape the beneficial uses of our renewable resources when the state has let special-interest groups take control of the governing boards?

-- Roger J. Davis / Homer

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