Sparing the Lives of 40 Wild Animals
Would Save Big Bucks, Reputation

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 15, 2003

Forty wolves to save the tourism industry in Alaska and the $1 billion per year it brings. Forty wolves to save the industry that has a 78 percent hire rate in Alaska. It's just 40 wolves for our state to retain an image of wildlife and wildlands. It's just 40 wolves for the state to honor the wishes of its own people and promote democracy.

It's these 40 wolves that will die as martyrs for a state that will be laughed at by states with real wildlife management. States that listen to their people. States that aren't run by ignorant madmen who do whatever they feel like. States that recognize the beauty and value of healthy ecosystems and wildlife.

I know Gov. Murkowski won't back down. But as long as he understands the thousands of jobs that will be lost, the millions of dollars not in his pockets and the reputation of Alaska that will ensue. And it's all his fault.

Shame on you, Murkowski. It's deeper than "just 40 wolves."

-- Scott Moran, Project Manager / Alaska Wildlife Alliance


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