Friends of Animals Should Offer Alternatives to Aerial Wolf Kills

Letters to the Editor / Kenai Peninsula Oiler / December 15, 2003

Friends of Animals city dwellers based in Connecticut with offices in New York and Washington, D. C., are threatening to organize a boycott of Alaska tourism because the people who live in Alaska voted to conduct aerial wolf kills.

Gov. Frank Murkowski told reporters "... one of the things statehood was all about the ability to manage our lands and renewable resources." Some 40 wolves in a 1,700-square-mile area are proposed for the kill; biologists believe that reducing predation by wolves will boost the moose herd, allowing bigger harvest (and therefore subsistence) to moose hunters. Congratulations, Gov. Murkowski.

Friends of Animals, let me ask a question: What is the natural predator to a wolf? I don't know of any. So who then, is left to manage and control the wolf population?

Wolves are preying on family pets in Ketchikan Ð recently two dogs were killed and others injured by wolves. Last March, in the same area, four dogs were killed by wolves. We're talking family pets being killed by wolves.

Are Friends of Animals against family pets? Numerous cases are documented of wolves attacking animals in Alaska and elsewhere in our great nation.

Friends of Animals, balance yourselves, be productive, sit at a table and provide solutions, not tantrums. You threaten negative action by boycotting Alaska, take positive action and provide alternative solutions. Boycotting because you don't get your way, what a temper tantrum. If you can't, or won't, stay away from Alaska.

We remember our friends, good, bad, ugly and indifferent, we remember.

Suzan Rozar / Kenai

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