There's a Wolf-Like Problem Down Under

Letters to the Editor / Juneau Empire / December 17, 2003

We have this so-called big, bad wolf problem - or should I say a man-made problem of dingos? Fraser Island is a world Heritage area in Queensland. Like your black bears, people feed the wild dingo and the wild dingos become problem dingos. We had a young child killed by dingos about three years ago. Unlike your wolves, there has never been a case in North America where a wolf has killed a human. If someone can show me an example I, for one, would love to know.

The dingo population on this Island is regarded as the most pure strain of dingoes remaining in eastern Australia. Their conservation is of national significance; they are an integral part of the world Heritage ecosystem. With a population estimated at a peak of approximately 200 in June and July, an open-ended cull has been announced which could wipe out this population.

Under this plan the dingo killing could continue until there are no dingos left. As populations are killed from one region dingoes from other areas will move in to take advantage of the vacated food supplies. This in turn threatens the viability of the small but highly significant population of the highest genetic purity on the east coast of Australia. I would hope that most Alaskans would understand the balance of nature always takes care of itself. The way of the wolf or dingo is in our hands. Don't feel alone Alaska; Australia has political leaders too that made stupid decisions like culling.

Allan Edwards / Salt Ash, NSW, Australia

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