Again, It's Time to Correct the News-Miner's Wild Assertions

Art Greenwalt / Opinion / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / December 12, 2003

Again, it's time to correct the News-Miner's wild assertions. (Boy, that could be a lifelong career!)

Two initiatives banning aerial wolf hunting passed with considerable majorities when Alaskans voted. These "extremists" (as the News-Miner would have the majority be) declared it an abomination unwanted. The Friends of Animals goal is in full accordance with the expressed decisions of two-thirds of Alaskans.

Then, there's the Alaska Outdoor Council, the trappers, and their political cronies such as Seekins who work in the shadows against their fellow Alaskans with the help of the AOC-dominated Board of Game. They scurry about from one politico to another while ensuring the public is removed from meaningful input. They are the minority and dare not put the issue before their fellow Alaskans in an honest fashion.

So, are the extremists the ones working in line with the majority will, working to ban such barbarism? Or are they the ones who, losing the public votes, do their darnedest to work against their fellow Alaskans who twice banned such hunting? The News-Miner editorialists should remember that when they point an accusing finger, three point back at them.

Fish and Game's figures show over 2,700 moose around McGrath. The residents there said there were only 900. Studies show bears are the main calf predators. The McGrath folks said it was wolves. Calculations show a harvest rate of nearly 120 moose. Residents claim only 68, and so on. Inaccuracy presented as fact is the hallmark of the extremist.

Finally, Tim Mowry's recent assertion that no hunting or trapping is allowed in Denali Park and Preserve is wrong. The hunting and trapping regulations clearly indicate bag limits for moose west of the Toklat in the preserve, trapping limits on wolves in that same area, and so forth. Check the regs for GMU 20. Or do as I did and just call and ask. In his zeal to please the anti-wolf folks, he smacks of extremism, News-Miner style.


Art Greenwalt / Fairbanks

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