Jenkins, Daily News Miss the Point:
Alaskans Don't Want Aerial Wolf Kill

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 19, 2003

Voice of the Times editor Paul Jenkins expressed the opinion that the group calling for a tourism boycott of Alaska (due to aerial wolf-killing being allowed here) is stupid ("Ah, it's deja vu all over again," Dec. 12).

The Daily News recently ran an editorial that essentially said that the aerial wolf-kill issue should be dealt with by people in the state, and that those out-of-state should mind their own business ("Let's boycott the boycott," Dec. 8).

It seems both Jenkins and the Daily News editorial writers are either unable to discern or are unwilling to address the heart of the issue. The people of Alaska have already expressed their opinion on aerial wolf-killing in two separate referendums. They voted against it! Twice! Non-Alaskans didn't decide this; Alaskans did. Perhaps Jenkins and the Daily News writers who wrote that opinion are (to use Mr. Jenkins' own word) "stupid." Or maybe they feel that decisions arrived at democratically are unacceptable and should be overridden at will by special-interest groups. That certainly fits in with our current state government's attitude.

Another in the "stupid" category is Game Board member Mike Fleagle. He recently expressed the view that the people calling for the tourism boycott are acting like terrorists. How can calling for a boycott be categorized as terrorism? I haven't seen al-Qaida call for a tourism boycott of America!

-- Brian Beckwith / Eagle River

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