Friends of Animals Launches "Howl-Ins" for the Wolves of Alaska

Press Release / Friends of Animals / December 2003

19 Dec. 2003, Darien, CT -  The Alaska Board of Game and Department of Fish and Game has resumed -- for the first time in over a decade -- issuing permits for the aerial gunning of wolves.  Justifications for this idea include ridding the  moose hunters of competition from the wolves.

This, the latest chapter in Alaska's war on wolves, is planned to span at least 2-3 winters.

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, states:  "We deplore the killing of wolves to suit the convenience of moose hunters and to provide a thrill for pilots.  Modern society should not tolerate this."

Wolf advocacy groups and sanctuaries have joined Friends of Animals to organize "Howl-Ins" for Alaska's wolves Dec. 27 and 28, 2003 in the locations listed below.

Howlers will ask members of the public to pledge their support of a tourism boycott of Alaska until Alaska's state-sponsored aerial wolf-shooting program ends. Tens of thousands of "Boycott Alaska" postcards will be distributed and sent to Alaska's Gov. Frank Murkowski, who is responsible for Alaska's wolf-killing schemes.

Friends of Animals Howl-In listings will be updated each day as locations are confirmed. For up-to-the-minute information, phone the number at the top of this release or see

Howl in New York City
Held by: Friends of Animals
Location: Rockefeller Center 49th and 50th on Fifth Avenue
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in San Francisco
Held by: Friends of Animals
Location: Union Square
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Los Angeles
Held by: Southern California Coalition to Defend Wolves
Location: Westwood Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd.
Date/Time: 12/27 11-2pm

Howl in Westport, Connecticut
Held by: Friends of Animals
Location: Oscar's on 159 Main St.
Date/Time:12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Sarasota, Florida
Held by Sarasota In Defense of Animals
Location: 5649 Old Ranch Rd.
Date/Time: 12/28 11am-2pm

Howl in Naples, Florida
Held by: Shy Wolf Sanctuary
Location: At the Sanctuary (1161 27th SW, Naples)
Date/Time: 12/28 11am-2pm

Howl in Lansing, Michigan
Held by Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center
Location: State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI
Date/Time: 12/27 10am-4pm 12/28 noon-4pm

Howl in Eugene, Oregon
Held by:  Predator Defense
Location: Eugene Federal Building ( Corner of Pearl and 7th streets) Date/Time:12/27 noon-2pm

Howl in Tidewater, Oregon
Held by: White Wolf Sanctuary
Location: at the sanctuary
Date/Time: 12/28 11am-2pm

Howl in Chicago
Held by: Action Volunteers for Animals
Location: Michigan Ave. (near the watertower)
Date/Time:12/28 11am-2pm

Howl in Belmont, Massachusetts
Held by Boston Vegetarian Society
Location: 29 Hurley Rd., Belmont
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Ipswich, Massachusetts
Held by: Wolf Hollow
Location: 114 Essex Road at Wolf Hollow
Date/Time: 12/27 11-2 pm

Howl in Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Held by MAPAW Siberian Husky Referral Service
Location: 134 W. 7th St.
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Lehigh, Pennsylvania
Held by: Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition
Location: Lehigh Valley Mall
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pms and 12/28 11am-2pm

Howl in Bonner / Potomac, Montana
Held by: Wolfkeep Wildlife Sanctuary (23545 Highway 200 East)
Location: At the Sanctuary
Date/Time:12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Missoula, Montana
Held by: Alliance for the Wild Rockies
Location: The Raven Cafe ( 130 E. Broadway downtown Missoula )
Date/Time: 12/28 10am-1pm

Howl in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Held by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Location: Wild Oats on Menaul Blvd.
Date/Time: 12//28 11am-2pm

Howl in Eldorado, New Mexico
Held by: Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary
Location: Eldorado Shopping Center
Date/Time: 12/28 1-5pm

Howl in Austin, Texas
Held by: Chisholm Wolf Foundation
Call 512.601.1314 for directions.
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Ashville, North Carolina
Held by: The Sanctum
Location: Town Square (downtown)
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Honolulu, Hawaii
Held by:  Project Wolf USA
Location: International Market, Waikiki
Date/Time: 12/28 noon-2pm

Howl in Atlanta, Georgia
Held by Laughing Wolf Photo Studio
Location: Little Square at 5 Points
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

Howl in Seattle, Washington
Held by Action for Animals and Northwest Animal Rights Network
Location: TBD
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-1pm

Howl in Maplewood, Minnesota
Held by Howlin' Wolf Creations
Location: Maplewood Mall, Rte. 684 and White Bear Ave.
Date/Time: 12/27 + 12/28 All Day

Howl in Fort Collins, Colorado
Held by W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
Location: Larimer County Justice Ctr.201 LaPorte Ave.
Date/Time: 12/28 noon-3pm

Howl in Ontario, Canada
Held by: Kerwood Wolf Education Cente
Location TBD
Date/Time: 12/27 11am-2pm

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