Wildlife Will Suffer

Letters to the Editor / Pocono Record / December 20, 2003

Editor, the Record:

While you were busy going about your regular routines, legislation has recently passed that is devastating to the balance of nature. Against the advice of his own colleagues, President Bush pushed for legislation which now allows the Navy to deploy a sonar system which will maim, deafen and kill whales, dolphins and millions of fish.

President Bush has also backed the Republican governor of Alaska in his plan to decimate most of the wolves in Alaska. Soon, they will be shot from planes. When the wolves are gone, the moose population will grow. Then, more hunters will come to Alaska to shoot moose. (A boycott of Alaskan tourism is planned if this hunt does occur).

Despite overwhelming protests from concerned citizens like you, the Bush administration is pressing ahead with unthinkable plans to exploit and destroy several areas that have been protected thus far.

Unless their plans are blocked, this administration will proceed with open-pit mining in the historic Everglades, clear-cutting trees in the pristine Alaskan rain forest, and drilling in Utah's world-renowned Redrock Wilderness. They are finalizing a plan for the commercial logging of Giant Sequoia National Park. This destruction will be of trees that can live over 3,000 years and grow to over 300 feet.

If you are interested in saving these BioGems, please call your U.S. senators and representative to protest. You can also log onto http://www.nrdc.org or call (212) 727-2700 to support or join the Natural Resources Defense Council in their efforts to save our national treasures.


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