Friends of Animals Pads its Pockets,
Doesn't Fund True Conservation

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 24, 2003

Friends of Animals is threatening our way of life, our wellbeing and our state revenues over a few wolves. Meanwhile, 328 black bear were killed in New Jersey this season and there was nothing said by Friends of Animals? I would think that 328 black bear in a small area like New Jersey would have been more important than 40 wolves in a state more than twice the size of Texas.

I have spoken to many real biologists here in Alaska and they have shown it takes a five-year program to cause a real reduction in the wolf population to allow recovery of the prey populations. It is not like the McGrath wolves are endangered by man. If anything they will cause a crash in their own population by over-hunting of their own prey.

The desire to fund salaries at Friends of Animals and other animal rights organizations is the bottom line. Name where Friends of Animals has funded real conservation. Show the land bought and environment preserved by Friends of Animals. Show the programs that are teaching true conservation funded by any environmentalist organization. You cannot explain where the millions of dollars they collect have been used for conservation.

Instead, Friends of Animals has interfered with the state biologists and the proper management of our natural resources.

-- Thomas Walton / Anchorage

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