Careful What You Believe;
Haber Pushes Animal Activist Agenda

Anchorage Daily News / Letters to the Editor / March 1, 2003


The Compass article by Gordon C. Haber is way off base, as are most of the anti-predator control articles of late. ("Predator control not good science," Feb. 26) Mr. Haber claims nine scientists have rejected the McGrath area proposed predator control. Who are these "scientists"? He does not name them. His own lengthy article is just more politics as he presents no numbers and produces no facts to justify his case. He juggles hearsay from these "scientists."

Mr. Haber is pushing the agenda of Outside animal activists. He says he has been on their payroll for years. He was adversely involved in the Forty-mile caribou-predator control program that has produced excellent rewards. We can once again hunt Forty-mile caribou. They produce fine meat for the table.

We must use our common sense on these serious issues and not just listen to political outside interest agendas. Let the wolves live in the parks.

-- Robert G. Latto / Anchorage

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