Predator Control the Intelligent Option

Letter to the Editor / Juneau Empire / December 24, 2003

The greenies, most of whom have never seen a wolf track, let alone a wolf, don't like aerial wolf control. Maybe they need to see seven wolf packs at the 40-mile caribou calving grounds eating babies as soon as they are born and killing the mothers for fun. Maybe they need to see a cow moose dragging her entrails that include her unborn calf with 20 or more wolves closing in on her.

The ecotourists are going to boycott us and that's just fine. When they come here, their wish is to sabotage our lifestyle; they want Alaska to become a California-style nature preserve. Outsider blackmail won't work this time because we finally have a real Alaskan as governor.

Our governor is showing common sense and courage, unlike his predecessor. Intelligent game management includes predator control and is necessary for the continuation of the traditional Alaskan lifestyle. Wildlife must be managed as a renewable resource, food, clothing and an income source for people. Aerial wolf control is practical, cost-effective when done by the private sector and it's generally humane.

-- Bo Fay / Eagle AK


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