Wolves are Dangerous

Letter to the Editor / Juneau Empire / December 24, 2003

A comment about "Wolf hunting making Alaska ugly," written by Heather Napier, a Californian. Well, Heather, Alaska is not California, the state that banned lion hunting and is now overrun with lions eating up all the deer and an occasional jogger.

Gee, Heather, is there any other way to remove a wolf from the wilds of Alaska besides an aircraft? I think not. Or do they just let them eat their way through the moose calves 'til there's none left for the Alaskans who need them for food? Do they then move into towns and eat people's pets, maybe a child or two - or for that matter, an adult? These wolves are not household pets; they are predators who will kill and eat anything when hungry. And as far as hunting a predator for a good reason by air, do you really think the wolves care? I mean, dead is dead.

Mel Adkins / Sparks NV


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