Restoring Natural Balance Idea is Baloney;
Management is Inevitable

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 25, 2003

In response to Bob Orabona of Friends of Animals who said, "The natural balance between predator and prey that once existed in Alaska should be restored, but it won't be done by 'game managers' using airplanes and guns. It will either occur naturally or not at all."


I have seen the lack of game management and tend to disagree wholeheartedly with this statement. Intelligent game management is inevitable simply due to the fact that humans also reside on this planet.

What does Bob want us to do? Maybe humans could disappear from the Earth entirely and then nature would go back to being balanced. Would that make him happy?

One case in point is the spruce bark beetle population. An aggressive little bug from the Asian seaboard, not indigenous to Alaska, the environmentalists would have no part of controlling them and enforced their illogical logic on the rest of us. Now there is so much fire potential in Alaska that all of Hillside is threatened by it. Fires have already occurred on the Kenai and the beetle populations have moved into the interior of Alaska all of the way to the Yukon Territory.

Why didn't we just harvest that wood before the bugs did and use it for something beneficial?

That is just plain, flat irresponsible.

-- Tony Cox / Palmer

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