Alaskans Can't Pick and Choose When They Want Outside Influence

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 27, 2003

I find the typical Alaskan mentality regarding Outsiders to be very immature and elementary. We cannot pick and choose when we want Outside influence and when we do not. When it comes to oil companies from foreign lands, we welcome them. Methane gas developers from Outside become the governor's heroes. Asian coal buyers, tourists, Taiwan salmon eaters, the list goes on and on.

But somehow, when the topic changes to the wolves, Outsiders' voices don't count. We claim the wolves to be "our issue," and we hurl insults at fellow Americans who have just as equal a right to see the wolves as locals do.

Also, check your birth certificates. Most of us Alaskans aren't even from here anyway.

But we aren't just Alaskans, we're Americans. And, if our issues are so dirty in nature, perhaps we should cower in embarrassment when Outsiders peer into our ecological mess that's littered with corruption.

If you don't want Outsider involvement in this state, fine. Say goodbye to everything -- our economy, federal funding and obviously our wolves.

-- Melanie Schultz / Eagle River

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